Android app for ProjectManagement based on SAP Business One
18 Feb

Android app for ProjectManagement based on SAP Business One

As of today, there is an Android platform app for the fully integrated SAP Busines One add-on ProjectManagement, an industry solution for project oriented businesses.

The app “project tools” makes it possible to work with the application – which is based on SAP Business One and optimized for service, engineering, software  and plant construction companies – from anywhere, at any time.


Recording of services

Using the mobile client, hours and services can be pre-recorded and commented on. From the recorded data, it is possible to immediately create a service report which can be verified and signed by the customer even on site.

Travel cost recording

Travel costs can also be reported straight away using a mobile device. Travel times and costs – including receits and attribution to the respective projects – are recorded and transferred to headquarters for further processing in SAP Business One.

Master data management

All data regarding projects, contracts, addresses, documents etc. from SAP Business One can – depending on authorisations – be provided to a project team member in the Android app.

Editing support cases

Service requests to the support team can also be managed in the Mobile Client. Tickets can be viewed and assigned to users for processing.

Vacation handling

Vacation days can be requested to a superior using the app. Team leaders can then authorize the request using the Mobile Client for ProjectManagement based on SAP Business One.

Employee management

Access to employee master data, including addresses and communication data, but also skills als project assignment, allows a quick and concise overview.

Management release

Managers can release projects and/or documents on the road. They can then be processed further in SAP Business One.

Barcode handling

The Mobile Clients for ProjectManagement can handle barcodes as well as QR codes. That way, articles and suppot cases can be scanned, for instance.

Equipment and machinery management

Equipment and machinery master data and their usage in projects can also be managed using the Android app.

Material request

Additional necessary material can now also be recorded from the Moblie Client. A material request is forwarded to the responsible user in SAP Business One to be processed there immediately in stock management, purchasing or production.

Reports and documents

Reports like service report sheets or planning overviews and documents such as delivery slips, quotations and invoices can be viewed on an Android device.



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