9 Mai

CAD/ERP-Connector for SAP Business One

SAP Business One has now also become widespread among manufacturing companies. This also applies to solutions for manufacturing – thanks to add-ons. But what mostly needs to be done besides the combination SAP Business One and manufacturing Add-On, is the integration with CAD systems. However, there is also now an option for this demand.

The entegra ERP/CAD Connector is the connection between an engineering department and SAP Business One.

In this respect an interface for bi-directional exchange of product data and parts lists was implemented, with which you can automate the following:

Harmonization of item data with changes

Transfer of CAD parts lists
Transfer of drawing files
Transfer of the drawing status
Dealing with semi-finished parts
The entire functional extent of Inventor and AutoCAD remains.

Items are applied via the interface directly from Vault in SAP Business.

The interface is based on the Autodesk Data Management System Vault Professional and an ERP Connector. Vault takes over the management of CAD data. Through ERP Connector the data can be connected to SAP Business One via an XML format.

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