5 Feb

Controlling and planning with SAP Business One and LucaNet

With the integration of LucaNet Controlling Software in SAP Business On, matrix business solutions GmbH now offers a highly professional solution for integrated controlling, consolidation and planning.

Being a typical ERP solution, SAP Business One is centred on covering all business processes, automating them where possible and entering them in the integrated financial accounting.
To achieve this, the SAP Business One core application and the numerous add-ons offer a vast amount of features to cater to any requirementes of a mid-sizeds business.

Using this integration, SAP Business One collects and generates an abundance of data serving as a valuable basis for analysis and reporting, but also as a source for planning.

SAP Business One comes with its own reporting which can also resort to its own cost center managment. Additionally, there are now some solutions from SAP development partners who focus more on a Business Intelligence approach and offer separate reporting tools – even OLAP cubes.

Last but not least, SAP has its own powerful instrument for analysis, the HANA Analytics Server, which is also available for SAP Business One.

While the internal reports in SAP Business One naturally fulfill all standard requirements and add-ons such as coresuite country package sensibly extend and optimize this standard, it is possible to achieve a customer specific reporting using “open” reporting and analysis platforms.
It is not an exaggeration to say that, using this “toolbox”, almost anything that can reasonably be expected from SAP Business One can be realised.

However, there are some factors that should not be underestimated. Both parties, the SAP Business One Customer as well as the consultant, need to posess major specialist skills to conctruct the often highly complex reports a customer requires. These skills must be used to create concepts which have to be transformed into meaningful reports by equally competend consultants.

Quite often, this causes significant effort using up time and money. However, the expectancy specifically of controllers, who are used to being able to create complicated reports in Excel themselves, is to be independent from service providers.

This is exactly where the new partnership of matrix business solutions as an SAP Business One Partner with LucaNet starts.

The creation of the controlling and planning suite is based on almost the reverse conditions than in any other of the aforementioned software suppliers. LucaNet was originally founded as a consulting company for integrated financial planning and professional controlling. During the course of the consulting services, it manifested that most software tools for these specific areas are too big or too complicated or insufficient for the requirements of a mid-sized business.

So they took matters into their own hands and devised and developed a software for consolisdation, planning, reporting and analysis. The focus of their efforts and thoughts from the start has always been intuitive usability and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. The potential users should be able to use the software  immediately and without further IT knowledge.

The result of these efforts is a comprehensive controlling suite offering complete integration of controlling and legal consolidation in one data model.

Matrix business solutions, in collaboration with LucaNet, can now offer the advantages of an integration with SAP Business One. All data is being transfered from SAP Business One to LucaNet using a converter. That way, you may for example create P&L planning in order to transfer it into a balance and cash flow planning. However, LucaNet, like SAP Business One, can be flexibly adapted to suite the specific requirements of a company. For instance, it is possible to integrate planning forms on an Excel basis. Thus, cost centre responsibles can be incorporated, while on the other hand, complex transactions can be displayed in LucaNet directly via planning forms.

All additional information can be found on the matrix website.

If you have any questions on this topic, do not hesitate to call us at  +49 89 58 93 95 0


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