10 statements that will show you that you need an ERP system
26 Nov

10 statements that will show you that you need an ERP system

Do you know that? Constantly these annoying complaints about the ERP system from the workforce and from customers. This subliminal feeling that it should actually be faster, better, easier. And then there's the glossy advertising from the ERP manufacturers, which is about to usher in a new era of digitalization promise. You start to wonder whether you should look around for new ERP software. But how can you determine that? When is it time to change your ERP system?

  1. ?I've lost track of the structures and processes in my company!?

    An ERP system, such as SAP Business One, completely maps all business areas. All processes and business processes can be viewed easily and quickly. If you have the overview, you stay in control!
  2. ?I can't use my people and resources properly!?

    A modern ERP system works for all employees. Each represents a part of the value chain and is digitally mapped in the system. Therefore, tasks can be distributed clearly and realistically.
  3.  ?I find it difficult to make well-founded decisions for my company!?

    An ERP system, such as SAP Business One, is not only used for administration, but also as a source of information. The system contains all the important ones data for analysis and evaluations that serve as a basis for important decisions.
  4. ?The information is never where it should be ? either employees can't access it or can't find the information!?

    No more filing systems on the server. An ERP system offers a place where all data can be stored and viewed. A search system makes it possible for anyone involved in the business process to find the information they need.
  5. ?The processes in my company are inflexible and can only react slowly to changes!?

    Modern ERP solutions are adaptable. Uniform standard processes are simply structured so that they can always be integrated into new processes.
  6.  ?My company has difficulties with the current software to meet the demands of the industry!?

    Although the offer industry software is now large, there are still improvements for individualized system solutions. ERP drives and implements these improvements. Modern systems can be specifically adapted to a company's requirements based on analyses.
  7. ?My company needs to adapt internationally, but I don't know how!?

    Local legislation is for global companies the be-all and end-all of success. An ERP system not only adapts to the legal situation in the respective country, but is also prepared for other local or regional peculiarities.
  8. ?There are often discrepancies and complications when working with other companies, company departments or subsidiaries!?

    From procurement of the material to delivery or sale, it is often a long way through many different companies. An ERP system can connect all these areas so that each step is clearly displayed. Accounting processes are also always clearly visible.
  9. ?My business is struggling to compete in the open market!?

    It is a common consequence that companies without a modern ERP solution have problems keeping up with the competition. An ERP system that suits the company and strengthens its processes can measurably improve competitiveness.
  10. ?My company does not work up to date!?

    Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0. Digitization is well advanced. An ERP system will help your company to leap into success on the digital world market.

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