60,000 use the ERP for SMEs.
29 may

60,000 use the ERP for medium-sized companies

SAP Business One has reached another record high. The ERP for the Medium-sized companies has now become the business software of choice for more than 60,000 customers worldwide. This makes the ERP software for medium-sized companies SAP's best-selling ERP product at the same time.

Convincing facts and figures for ERP for SMEs

  • Over one million end users from more than 60,000 SMEs in 170 countries use the solution every day.
  • SAP Business One delivers at least half of all new customers for SAP in the SMB space, with over 1,000 new customers added each quarter.
  • 500 industry-specific add-on solutions provided by 300 software partners ensure that many different industries work with SAP Business One.
  • Technologies such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which is built on SAP HANA, make SAP Business One the intelligent ERP for SMEs.

An ERP system for the whole range of medium-sized businesses

SAP Business One is characterised by its high scalability. From the small start-up, to the dynamically growing company, to the full-grown medium-sized company ? SAP Business One is used everywhere. Many factors have contributed to the strong growth of the ERP for SMEs. SAP Business One is available in different industry versions. Manufacturing companies, the trade, service provider but also sections of the plant construction find their requirements again.

One system available in many ways

SAP Business One reaches the customer in different ways. It is still possible to go down relatively traditional paths and use the ERP for SMEs as a on-premises buy version. However, SAP follows the general trend and offers SAP Business One also as Cloud software for rent. All major platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Google or Amazon AWS, now also offer ERP services for SMEs.
And of course SAP plays HANA plays a leading role in the further development of ERP for SMEs. SAP's top technology also plays to its analytical strengths for SAP Business One.

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