Securing accounting with software
26 Feb

Secure accounting with software

From a ten-man business to a large corporation ? all companies have one thing in common: the legal requirements that need an orderly accounting system. Those who do not carefully comply with the corresponding regulations and deadlines will have the tax office at their door. And that can be an expensive visit. So expensive, in fact, that most companies employ one or more accountants and call in external tax consultants to do their bookkeeping. But also a ERP system can be a good help.

Duties and taxes always in view

An essential duty for companies is to pay their taxes in the correct manner and amount. Trying to master accounting with spreadsheet systems takes a lot of time and patience. An ERP solution with integrated accounting can automate these messages. This saves time and reduces errors. This makes it possible to submit the tax on time with all documents.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance

Digital Document management as a supplement to accounting

Speaking of documents: invoices, orders, reminders. All of this needs to be filed properly and in a way that can be found. However, one or the other document sometimes disappears into the depths of the folders after years. A DMS system not only offers suitable filing and search functions. Documents that must be kept can be stored digitally and found quickly when they are needed.

Liquidity and dunning

This area only indirectly serves to comply with government regulations. Nevertheless, an overview of the company's liquidity as well as incoming and outgoing payments is crucial for a company. In case of doubt, too careless a handling of the liquidity can Cash flow be considered negligent and therefore punishable by law.

If the cash flows in the accounting system are documented in a comprehensible way, expenditures for e.g. materials or employees can be planned in a targeted manner. The dunning process also depends on this. However, there is no getting around this annoying part. With an ERP system, the dunning process can be automated. Letters are simply saved as templates and sent according to the dunning level. In addition, delivery blocks can be set up, for example, which are only lifted when payment is received.

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Secure accounting with software

Secure accounting with software

From a ten-man operation to a large corporation? All companies have one thing in common: the legal requirements that require orderly accounting ...

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