What are the advantages of a modern ERP solution?
17 June

What are the advantages of a modern ERP solution?

IT has developed rapidly with digitalisation. That's why a lot has changed in ERP software as well. Nevertheless, it is difficult to keep your system up to date. But you still don't have to give up - because an investment in a modern ERP solution is also worthwhile in the long term.

We can hardly imagine it today, but there was a time when everything was not linked, networked and in constant interaction. So too the ERP systems. In their origins, software solutions saw and treated company divisions as individual parts. As a result, processes were separated from each other and thus the results were not related to each other, or at least not set in relation to each other by the system.

Everything new, everything networked

This is where a modern ERP solution comes in, as it networks processes and thereby optimises them. The results of such processes, such as key figures, can now also be put into relation, which opens up new possibilities for the controlling creates. This increases transparency and productivity in equal measure.

Usability: the user becomes important

This has significantly changed the usefulness of ERP systems for companies. Whereas in the past only individual areas were mapped in the software, nowadays everything from task management to the financial accounting everything can be mapped in one solution. This has led to ERP systems becoming much more user-friendly, as many more people work with the software. Users can quickly access all relevant data. In the process, catchy dashboards convey information in an easy-to-understand way. A company thereby benefits from a certain standardisation of the Workflows and simplified data management, especially when several departments work together.

All-In-One with Add-On

Accordingly, (as already mentioned) all corporate divisions are also networked with each other. CRM (Customer Relationship Management), FIBU (Financial Accounting), accounting and merchandise management can be possible sub-areas here. Due to the interaction possibilities of the processes from the different areas, the range of functions in modern ERP systems is also increasing. Software solutions (predominantly from the standard area) can often also integrate further areas through add-ons. Also the interfaces-The development of data processing is constantly advancing and makes data processing from a wide variety of sources possible.

Modern ERP means flexible ERP

It is this feature of modern ERP systems that makes an investment worthwhile even in the long term, as it makes the software flexible. Depending on the provider, solutions can be put together almost according to a modular principle and also adapted in the future. These adaptations are much more cost-effective than trying to spruce up a solution with individual programming. The system can always be adapted to the needs of the company. This also makes a cloud-based service attractive for many, as the services can be used as needed and from anywhere.

Either way, ERP users do not necessarily have to follow every trend here and integrate every seemingly important chichi in the business solution, but can still enjoy the benefits of modern software.

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