Almost like the real thing: Interactive SAP Business One Demo.
31 october

Almost like the real thing: Interactive SAP Business One Demo

edited 21.07.2017

Although it is no substitute for a real SAP Business One consultation, it is nevertheless a small insight into the software that we do not want to deprive you of: the interactive SAP Business One demo.


However, this is by no means a real demo version of SAP Business One. Rather, the friendly B1 lady guides you through the various options, functions and processes of the software in individual steps. A nice idea to get a taste of SAP B1.

B1 Interactive Demo

The SAP Business One Demo Scenarios

Three scenarios will be implemented in the inactive SAP Business One. Demo treated:

  • Demo 1: The processing of an order and the handling of delivery priorities in SAP B1
  • Demo 2: How to get a quick overview of cash flow in SAP Business One
  • Demo 3: How to track your relationship with your customers and opportunities in SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Live Demo Online

However, if you do not find yourself in these scenarios, there are of course other ways to get to know SAP Business One better.
During an online live demo, an experienced SAP B1 consultant will show you the SAP B1 content and processes that interest you.
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    Access to a trial version of SAP Business One

    Those who prefer to explore SAP Business One on their own have the opportunity to do so on one of our SAP B1 test systems. At the same time, you can also test the performance of the cloudiax platform experience. Register using the form below and we will unlock a trial instance of SAP Business One for you for 30 days:

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    SAP Business One Demo ? Videos

    Some of them are older, but many of them are still valid in the SAP Business One demo videos. We have compiled a small collection here in which specific topics are addressed and demonstrated in short SAP B1 videos.

    Learn more about SAP Business One first hand

    All these options give you a first insight into SAP Business One, but of course they cannot replace a personal discussion. We would be happy to discuss your needs and goals that you associate with the introduction of ERP software and find out whether SAP Business One is the right business software for you. Just give us a call: +49 821 996000-50

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