Already ERP Grandpa or still ERP Teen? The generations of ERP systems
28 Feb

Already an ERP grandfather or still an ERP teenager? The generations of ERP systems

People are creatures of habit. Once they have become accustomed to their software family, it is difficult to convince them of the need for system modernisation or even change. However, if companies are using system solutions that are more like the first generation than the third, it is time to say goodbye. But how do you recognise which ERP systems it is a question of whether you are looking at the "grandpa system" or the "teen system"? A typification of the three ERP generations:

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The ERP Grandpa: When is it time to retire?

The grandpa among the ERP systems has always somehow managed to get by. He had his ups and downs - but all in all it went well. He has a lot of experience, but is also getting a bit confused. And the world out there is not getting any easier. The speed at which he is expected to react today overwhelms him and often he is just too slow. While the younger ERP systems already present an evaluated data record in an interactive Dashboard he still transfers the data from an Excel spreadsheet. ExcelThat makes the others smile. You don't do that "like that" any more. But how else? After all, the data are not only for his system, but also for the others... And after all, he can't do all the tasks alone. Or can he? "We can do it," say the younger ones. And that is the moment when the ERP grandfather realises that it is time for retirement.

The adult ERP systems: Watch out for burnout risk!

The ERP system is in the middle of life. It runs at full speed every day, juggling data, recording documents, spitting out invoices, evaluating, displaying and analysing. It has had a good education. Extra for the company where it now works. It does a good job, it thinks. Sometimes, however, it notices that it is not getting any younger. The many days at the desk are making themselves felt. Here it pinches in the Data collectionThe invoices hurt every few weeks - and project management should really have been brought up to scratch a long time ago. But when? We hear more and more often about burn-out systems. The demands were simply too high, errors crept in more and more often, they took longer and longer for tasks that should have been done in much less time. At some point, these systems were simply replaced because the companies thought they were no longer functioning optimally. However, it would have been enough to send the burn-out systems on holiday. A little wellness here, a little sprucing up there. That costs time and money, but it is still less expensive and a smaller effort than setting up a new system.

The Teen System: Always on the move, but not always reliable

Young and hip: the teenager of ERP systems. He has everything that is absolutely necessary and that the old people have no idea about. He's always talking about the "cloud" and "Mobility". It knows exactly what its future looks like. Sometimes it goes overboard and simply throws the risk factors to the wind. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it goes wrong. Browser-based, it is very flexible, but not always reliable. However, it learns from its crashes and knows better and better when it can perform and how much. Especially because it is on the road a lot, the Teen system can be an advantage outside the company. Then it stands with the customer and sells itself: with all its data, which it always has with it. It will be exciting when the teen system grows up. What does the next generation have in store?

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