26 Aug

Automated incoming payment processing for SAP Business One

The SAP partner bob system solutions has a new one add on on the subject of ?Automated account statement processing? for SAP Business One on offer.


Bobsys has the older SAP B1 add on ? which only regulates the manual posting and the SAP Business One import? well supplemented with the new solution. For example, the system processes all electronic incoming payments and any format (PayPal, MT940, Amazon, Ogone etc.).

This is also one of the new functions:

  • Process-specific posting of all automatic debits with account, profit center and project
  • Definable algorithms for finding items to clear business partners and clearing accounts
  • Automated advance payment release with e-mail information to the customer
  • All bank details are enriched with the current BIC and IBAN in one step
  • Download of the current bank codes (quarterly) from the Bundesbank and import into the SAP database

2014 | Versino Projects GmbH 

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