B1 goes Cloud - SAP Business One OnDemand.
4 March

B1 goes Cloud - SAP Business One OnDemand

Now it's out: SAP has released the first video on a topic that has been in the air for a while. SAP Business One will be available alongside SAP Business ByDesign in the cloud provided.

SAP Business One OnDemand is the name of the new version of the software for SMEs. Initially, the SAAS variant of SAP Business One as a hosted solution. Gradually, the "Software as a Service" will be given web interfaces.

A further difference to the cloud solution SAP Business ByDesign is that the operation of SAP Business One OnDemand, like the distribution of the On Premise, is only handled by SAP partners such as the Versino Projects GmbH is provided.

Unconfirmed price estimates are also already being heard. The cloud -SAP Business One users cost less than EUR 100.00 per month.

SAP Business One OnDemand is also a further step towards even more companies for which SAP Business One is suitable.

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