Budgets in project-based purchasing with MariProject.
24 Nov

Budgets in project-related purchasing with MariProject

MariProject supports project-based purchasing with its latest version. The definition and control of budgets in purchasing helps to optimise costs, effort and scheduling in project-related purchasing.

Project-based purchasing - a special challenge

Companies that work for projects have to cope with different problems than the Purchasing of approximately wholesale companies. Besides the constant challenge of finding material and resources in the right place at the right time in dynamic project events, other things are often homemade. Unclear responsibilities and regulations either lead to "wild" purchasing, according to the motto: "mainly the project is moving forward", or complex processes cause delays and a lot of effort.

Purchasing budgets for projects

Especially in the case of long-running projects, monitoring the original purchasing budget is a particular challenge. Conditions and prices often change over a long period of time. In addition, projects always have surprises in store, which also have an impact on purchasing.

MariProject watches over project-related purchasing

MariProject helps to comply with purchasing budgets. For this purpose, the entire project budget and the budgets for article groups are tracked during purchasing. If there are discrepancies, for example with regard to a budgeted item group, the system can prevent the purchase from being completed. Approvalworkflows are used in the process, which can be processed decentrally.

You can get a small insight in the following video.

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