The change log in SAP Business One enables data and its changes to be tracked. This is a valuable tool for control and monitoring, especially in a programme in which several users work with the same data.

SAP Business One change log

Change log from each module & window

The change log can be called up from any module and/or window in SAP Business One. The change to a data record is displayed in one line. The update date and the user are recorded for each change. You can return to the previous status by double-clicking on the line number of the data record.

Compare changes

You can also compare the changes made.
To do this, select the penultimate entry and click on the “Show differences” button. A corresponding window will then open. There you can see the columns "Changed Field", "Previous Value" and "New Value".

Not for all data objects

The protocol is not available for all data objects. However, the list of objects is constantly being expanded by SAP. If no change log is available for a particular data object, the Change log menu item is greyed out.

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