CKS.DMS makes home office easier
20 apr

CKS.DMS makes home office easier

The home office is celebrating an involuntary blossoming. CKS.DMS shows how it can make working in SAP Business One can support for the home workers.

From the exception to home office reality

What was recently a rare bonus for the few has become a matter of course almost overnight with the Corona crisis. Augurs already foresee that Covid-19 will become the catalyst of a digitalisation that will revolutionise Germany's working world.
However, it is doubtful whether all entrepreneurs can simply switch over so quickly. In many cases the employees The employee does not have everything he or she needs to complete his or her tasks in the home office.
Especially those who had to do all the paperwork before are confronted with the fact that they simply don't have the paper.

DMS for SAP Business One without overkill

CKS.DMS for SAP Business One in the home office

In these stressful times, one or two entrepreneurs will certainly shy away from the costly introduction of yet another business software. However, all those who already use SAP Business One should not give in to this fear and take a closer look at the CKS.DMS extension. The customised tool around the Document management is installed and integrated very quickly. After 15 minutes of installation, the digital document archive is available.

Deep DMS integration for the home office

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The document management and routing functions can then be found not only in SAP Business One but also, if required, in Microsoft Outlook. In SAP Business One, however, it appears everywhere from then on where it can help to make the connection between the ERP process and the document. Documents for the business transaction can be searched for and retrieved directly from the SAP object.

Those who want more get (much) more

However, anyone who has started with the approach of quickly making documents available to their employees in the home office does not have to "get stuck" on this. CKS.DMS can be expanded with many additional features. From the web client to automatic document processing and the structure integrated in SAP Business One. WorkflowsWith the help of a digitalisation tool, many things can be realised that will take you a few steps forward in terms of digitalisation.

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