Coresystems ?  Major overhaul of mobile apps
20 apr

Coresystems ? General overhaul of the mobile apps

Actually, there is already a mistake in the headline. The Coresystems To call mobile solutions only "mobile apps" is to misunderstand the nature of the software on offer from the cloud not. At least not in the way the term mobile app is now used: Small pieces of software and useful little helpers that make everyday life easier on mobile devices.


The Swiss software company, on the other hand, speaks confidently of Field Service Management. Which is more accurate, since coresystems is increasingly concentrating on the technical field service with its solution, which requires a few more tasks for the digitalisation of its processes than 'just' data. Data also mobile to make available.


Consequently, the SAP Software Partner has been abandoning its exclusive ties to SAP for some time now. Six other ERP packages can be connected to the Field Service Software.
the integration to SAP Business One is nevertheless always likely to play the most important role.
In a webinar for SAP partners, the new version of the cloud software could be examined in advance. And there were lots of new things to see!

HTML5 instead of Silverlight

A few years ago it was quite courageous to rely on the Microsoft technology Silverlight. Too courageous for many, however, the UI technology has been put on the back burner by the remoaners. So it was only a question of time until coresystems had to follow the general trend in order to HTML5 to change.

Google sends its regards

The switch to HTML5 was also a prerequisite for the new design. This is not called Google Materials Design for nothing and thus follows the reduced design language of the search engine giant. It looks good and appears very tidy and well thought-out.

More freedom ? closer to the hard everyday life

Whereas up to now it was the Swiss software that more or less dictated the workflow, they are now much more flexible. User & workflow The mobile backend in particular is driven. This is probably due to the many years of experience with small and large companies. Business software (and be it ?just? apps) often stands and falls with the flexibility to adapt to the processes of the organisation it is supposed to represent. How far this new flexibility goes remains to be seen in actual use.

The resource planner always knows what's going on

A small change (apparently!) that was certainly not so easy to realise: The Resource Planner, i.e. the planning and service centre for the distribution of service jobs, always remains up to date with the latest information. Whereas in the previous version you had to press a refresh button to get the current status of the resources and service jobs, the information status remains up-to-date in real time. A function that should prevent many an embarrassing operating error and the associated effort.

Good old SQL

This point, too, is likely to have originated in real life: instead of being on a ?modern API language driven? approach for reporting, as was still the case in the previous version, coresystems reverts to SQL as
query language. Here, too, the business character of the application clearly shines through. The skills in SQL are so widespread and profound in both the implementation partner and the IT department that there is no getting around them for the time being.

Offline and in the Amazon Cloud

The distribution of the data remains the same. This data is also available offline, even to mobile devices. The data is buffered in the Amazon Cloud. If it's cloud, then it's cloud!

For all those who need an extra invitation!

coresuite mobile 2
Coresuite Ressouce Manager - click to enlarge

What good is the best data if it is not seen? For those who do not want to or cannot check their coresystems app regularly, additional messaging channels can now be used. Via SMS For example, automated messages can be sent: "New job for you!

Check it!

Of the Checklists Designer is reminiscent of a full-blown form designer. A tool for data exchange between user and head office that should not be underestimated.

IOT ? When the machine complains

Internet of Things: With modern mobile software, there is no getting around this digital pig that is currently being herded through the IT village. Events picked up by sensors can be transformed into messages in the workflow manager. In this way, a machine can Service technician The user can then immediately find all the relevant data on his or her device.

New licence for beginners

There have also been changes on the sales side: there is a new, much cheaper entry-level licence. It is not yet known what functions it will offer.


Conclusion :

At this year's SAP Business One Innovation TotalNumerous SAP partners exhibited mobile applications. If you looked behind the often beautiful mobile interface, you mostly found the same offer behind it that the standard SAP app also provides. Here, coresystems has its nose in front! They have really developed further. With their Field Service Solution, the Swiss have certainly adapted to a special audience. And you have to want to be in the cloud to come to coresystems. But: If cloud software, then like this! 


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