Cosmetics manufacturer successful since 1872 - now also with SAP Business One
28 March

Cosmetics manufacturer successful since 1872 - now also with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is now used in a wide variety of companies around the world. Small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries rely on the ERP solution. Who these companies are and why SAP Business One was the right decision for them, we tell here on our blog. This time it's about the cosmetics manufacturer SHISEIDO.

Are new products from the drugstore make-up range and beauty tutorials your daily hobbyhorse? No? Not ours either. Nevertheless, you will recognise at least the SHISEIDO logo from one shop window or another.

The Japanese cosmetics manufacturer has also been making a name for itself since 1872. Admittedly, the age-old recipes for skin care still work wonders today (if you believe the advertising promises). When it comes to software, however, the company needs an update every now and then. The SHISEIDO Group office in Dubai now has to manage locations all over the world with more than 42 brands. This requires that the processes present uniform processes in the ERP system that function internationally. This means that they are understandable locally, but also function on a large scale. SAP Business One is designed for processes of this magnitude and can help business groups to organise their processes more efficiently and to plan sensibly for the future. SHISEIDO Administration Manager and Financial Controller Nusrat Adilov also believes that SAP Business One is a good choice for the company for this reason: "We expect SHISEIDO to grow in the coming years (...) and I believe SAP Business One will help us to make this possible".


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