CTI - Integration with Estos Procall for SAP Business One.
19 June

CTI - Integration with Estos Procall for SAP Business One

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) makes it possible to accept telephone calls from applications, to display data related to the telephone call, to start protocols and to initiate many other automated functions related to telephony. The SAP partner Komsa has developed such a CTI solution for SAP Business One based on ESTOS PROCALL.


Incoming calls simultaneously call up the caller data from SAP Business One. Names, customer numbers and company addresses, the current account balance and the internal contact person are directly accessible. Processes in SAP Business One can also be displayed.

In the Pro-Call Enterprise call window, the following can be done via mouse click
data such as customer master data, quotations, orders or activities can be accessed in SAP Business One. The corresponding forms and information then open directly in SAP Business One.

You have the possibility to influence what and how the content is accessed in SAP Business One.

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