Why customer service in plant engineering determines success today.
16 July

Why customer service in plant engineering decides on success today

For a long time, the quality of the machines was the flagship for many individual manufacturers. Now an important factor has been added: Customer service in plant construction.

Durability is a decisive factor when investing in machines. In order to guarantee this comprehensively, the service offer plays a key role. A fast and reliable service serviceor a reputation for having one, can be a plant builder decide on the successful sale of their machines. Today, this means that the service team not only arrives promptly, but also knows what the problem is on site. An appropriate system that can provide the technician with all relevant data anywhere is helpful here.

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Customer data everywhere at a glance

Since the service always interacts directly with the customers, it is not only important that they know about the machines, but also about the companies. As a rule, questions and error messages are received directly by the service department. Accordingly, it is helpful to be able to retrieve data on the respective customer. Here, integrated information systems become an important support for every service technician from the plant engineering sector. Here, both the machine used, spare parts including the Maintenanceand system history can be viewed, as well as quotations, service contracts and other notes on the customer. In addition, a route planner is integrated in modern solutions, which calculates the respective visit dates in an optimised way.

With mobile solutions to facilitate processes

But that's not all. If you want to offer a modern service, you can guarantee access to all relevant data via different end devices by using business software. This allows the service technician to work from the PC, but also Access the system from smartphones or tablets. This also facilitates processes such as reading in scan codes or electronic signatures.

Social CRM for customer service in plant engineering

What many companies still underestimate is the relevance of social media in service. For example, if a customer (or even a prospective customer) asks a question via the company's Facebook page, it should be dealt with promptly. A modern CRM solution can not only integrate these channels, it analyses comments and conversations on the pages and draws attention to them if necessary. In the case of recurring questions, the system can even independently draw on an answer catalogue.

An integrated CRM-The service software thus offers modern machine and plant manufacturers a uniform collection and administration of all relevant customer data. From a certain number of customers onwards, the system is also a good tool for the service technicians to keep track of things. In this way, the company can not only guarantee its customers fast and effective service, but also create a feeling of care that increases the loyalty of the customers served. In the end, this not only makes the machines last longer, but also the customers.

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