Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI.
18 october

Data analysis with Microsoft Power BI

The amount and complexity of data is constantly increasing, even in medium-sized companies. In order to draw the right conclusions from this data, there is no getting around the use of business intelligence tools. The focus is on fast and comprehensive data analysis. One of these tools is Microsoft Power BI.

Toolbox for data analysis

Microsoft Power BI consists of several tools for analysing business data. The application is made up of various components and is based on data processing in a central cloud. The data stored in the cloud analysed data can be graphically displayed and shared on various devices and platforms.

Numerous data sources possible

The sources that can be used for a data analysis with Power BI are manifold. These can be databases of all kinds, web services that pass on data records or individual Excel files that are imported. The local or cloud-based sources are connected via various gateways. Power BI already comes with a large number of connectors. This also includes, for example SAPHANA supported. However, you can also develop your own connectors to expand the basis of data analysis.

The most important components of Power BI

Power BI consists of various components. They are different services, gateways and tools, some of which are provided in the cloud and some of which are operated on end devices. The most important components of Microsoft Power BI include:

The various building blocks of Power BI, i.e. services, gateways and tools, are composed as follows

  • Power BI Desktop ? the Windows-based desktop application for PCs or notebooks for the transmission, transformation and modulation of data and the resulting creation of reports.
  • Power BI (Service) ? Power BI as Software as a Service from the cloud (originally called Power BI for Office 365)
  • Power BI Mobile ? Mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android
  • Power BI Gateways ? Interfaces for the integration of external data
  • Power BI Embedded ? REST API to embed reports, dashboards or visualisations in other applications (e.g. SAP Business One).
  • Power BI Report Server ? for the storage and management of Power BI reports

Data analysis tool also for SMEs

Power BI is a tool that not only addresses analysts from large companies. It also has its justification and benefit for companies from the SMEs-sector who want to enter the world of business intelligence. The approaches that can be pursued with this are to be sought in the area of data analysis in the form of special queries, ad-hoc analyses. Equally, however, one can venture into the world of data discovery, where unknown data and correlations are waiting to be discovered.

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Data analysis with Microsoft Power BI

Data analysis with Microsoft Power BI

The amount and complexity of data is constantly increasing, even in medium-sized companies. In order to draw the right conclusions from this data...
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