SAP Business One is very flexible when it comes to data export. It is possible to look up any tabular data listings from SAP B1, such as reports, results of queries and evaluations, etc MS Excel to export. In addition, data can be passed on as PDF, text, XML, image or in MS Word format. However, due to the characteristics and type of data, it is not always possible to export to every format. It is relatively easy to see whether data export is possible. The associated option in the menu or the button is active or has a gray background.

SectionAP Business One version 10.0 it is possible to transfer data from the standard client to Microsoft Office 365 when using OneDrive. This type of data export is now also available for the web client with the SAP Business One Feature Pack 2105.

MariProject Dashboards

Dashboard functions in MARIProject

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More key figures transparency in the ERP system

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DATA Science

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Free MS Power Bi Ebook

Free MS Power Bi Ebook

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