Data secure in the cloud.
30 March

Data secure in the cloud

In-house means more security. This is the misconception that many companies are addicted to. But they overlook the fact that this money-saving mentality does not apply to software.

In order to understand why users of digital solutions work better, or above all more securely, in the cloud landscape, the aspect of security must be considered from various points of view.

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Components of the data protection strategy

Companies must be able to guarantee object security, failure safety and security against digital attacks for their data. Consequently, every company needs a backup strategy. In addition, they need a data protection concept, but this is an independent component of every software solution. Thus, it does not play a central role for fundamental data security in digital systems.

The biggest fear of companies in terms of data protection is the protection against unauthorised access, i.e. also against theft or wilful destruction. Horror scenarios involving malware quickly cause a furore. And rightly so. That is why a lot of time and money is usually invested in a sensible firewall. And that is also right. However, no blocking security system in the world can currently guarantee the protection that data enjoys in the cloud.

Object security: No one can get at the data

The servers with which modern Cloud software has a sophisticated security concept. Every access is monitored both by mechanical protection, the four-eyes principle, video surveillance and security personnel. In addition, staff at cloud system providers are trained to prevent manual access (social engineering). The resourcesMany companies cannot afford the time and effort required for this kind of monitoring.

Now, one might think that a Trojan horse could also enter the country via the "accessing" company. cloud system. However, if the company's computers are infected with malware, it must first get through the cloud provider's firewall.

Protection against digital attacks is also more relevant because they occur most frequently. A system is usually protected against them by the firewall and the constant checking and closing of security gaps (updates the firewall) protected.

Individual access

The configuration is the most important factor for a reasonable firewall protection. Modern protection systems must always meet new requirements, e.g. when employees access the cloud from the road or from the home office.

In this case, cloud providers provide system administrators who either restrictively approve external access or create access for individual users.

Safely updated

How here already described, it is also relevant for system security to always keep the software up to date. In practice, however, regular updates are often ignored. In terms of security, a cloud solution also offers a remedy. Data centres constantly check their security systems for gaps and correct them. A continuous in-house update, so to speak.

Fail-safe: Everything double, everything highly available

Whether it's a fire or a power failure: incidents like these can cause serious damage not only to the hardware. If a system fails and with it, for example, also the production or the WebshopIf this is not the case, it can cause great financial damage to companies or have an impact on their reputation.

However, if the software is "outsourced", it is not affected in the event of a failure. Modern cloud providers can guarantee this "fail-safe", also known as "high availability", because they meet certain standards.

If a cloud solution describes itself as "highly available", all the components of the IT infrastructure be given twice. This means that all hardware is provided in duplicate and spatially separated. In addition, these are laid on two power lines on different routes, and two are connected to two networks.

In addition, this fail-safety is improved by constantly monitoring the temperature of the server rooms, as well as the voltage of the hardware components. Sufficient measures such as fire compartments to protect against fire, water or CO2 are also taken.

On top of that, modern data centres provide administrators who can attend to cases of damage around the clock.

This level of security precautions is also not in place in most companies and means an enormous expenditure of resources and Know-how. Another advantage of fail-safe, i.e. "highly available" systems is that companies can also offer their services in a fail-safe manner. This is a decisive competitive advantage for service providers, for example.

Backup strategy: From two days to 24 hours

If the system is endangered by a virus, a wrong update or an error in the hardware, it needs a redundant status of the entire system. In the case of in-house systems, this backup is also often outsourced to a cloud or actually still comes from tape drives or magnetic tapes. In any case, both the creation of the backup and the restore take a lot of time. Often one to two days minimum. If the hardware is damaged, it must first be reordered. Delivery times or Maintenance contracts often stand in the way of a quick repair of the damage.

Modern cloud providers provide redundancy of data and hardware, simply through "failover" as part of their service, and can thus guarantee recovery under 24 hours.

Cloud makes security possible!

Companies therefore enjoy special protection in terms of security, especially as cloud users. Setting up the same protection internally would require an enormous amount of time and money, which many companies cannot meet. With a cloud solution, however, they can quickly achieve this standard and benefit from further advantages of an external system.

You can find more on the topic of the cloud here.

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