DATEV Format: Data transmission via DATEV.
22 Nov

DATEV format: Data transmission via DATEV

In this contribution we have already explained why DATEV exists as a company and what it offers. This time, however, we want to take a closer look at its services. That's why we're talking about the DATEV format.

Versino Financial Suite for SAP Business One Finance

A short recap

The DATEV format was introduced at the end of the 1990s for the transfer of data between the user's accounting department and the tax office. Due to the versatile functions and the diverse compatibility between different systems, the solution has proven itself on the German market. Quite modern, DATEV advises to use a uniform, digital format by 2018. With their system solution, they actually make this possible.

datev interface

Data exchange via DATEV format

Let's move on to the actual application possibilities. As already mentioned, data transfer makes it possible to export from various DATEV programmes. This can involve many different data, such as from bookings, accounts, goods transactions or settlements. Using the functions "Income tax classic", "LODAS classic" or "Financial analysis pro", values can be transferred manually or automatically to statistics or other data records - well-developed DATEV interfaces make it possible. For each data transfer, the sender can decide which data records or which information to transfer and then export in *.cvt or *.dat format. In most cases, the data can be viewed in preview mode before sending. In addition, the DATEV user can also work with the ASCII format, which is then stored in *.txt and *.csv files.

For each DATEV interface registration is usually required to check the validity of all personal and company data. Depending on the system, the interface also costs money - but it is often of higher quality and guarantees security (largely relevant in the area of data). Another advantage that makes the tiresome topic of accounting easier: many auditors and tax offices now only work with DATEV.

Data exchange with SAP Business One

the Versino DATEV interface can in turn import the data exported from the DATEV programmes. Of course, it is also possible to export data from SAP Business One for processing in DATEV.

For more information on the DATEV interface for SAP Business One, bitter HERE along.

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