ERP project: Three tips for good specifications
9 october

ERP project: Three tips for a good specification

A requirements specification is part of every ERP project. It specifies what the new ERP system must fulfil in the company. Therefore, the specifications can vary greatly, as the processes that are to be recorded in the new software naturally also differ from company to company.

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Successful ERP projects: the way to good specifications
12 Feb

Successful in the ERP project: The way to a good specification

The specifications can be a real burden for any ERP project. Also because it plays a supporting role from start to finish. At the beginning it functions as a contractually important document, then it becomes a guideline and at the end of the project it is the checklist. The people behind the specifications are the future users. But how can the people "in the field" convey important content in such a way that it is also clear for the ERP provider to understand?

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