Specifications in the ERP project - help or hindrance?
10 March

Specifications in the ERP project - help or obstacle?

They take time and money - if you are not careful, more than would have been necessary. Requirements specifications should help to keep track of finances and time management in ERP projects. But even a requirements specification is time-consuming and needs a lot of attention.

Especially in ERP projects, everything revolves around time. The long hesitation of some companies before introducing a new system increases the desire for a timely implementation. The time intensive search for the right system is also a reason for a certain tension towards lengthy ERP implementations. Nevertheless, projects should not be approached under time pressure. A requirements specification is intended to remedy this. Through the precise documentation of wishes, possibilities and implementation plans, the customer as well as the ERP provider should be clear about the process, time frame and financial background.
To do this, the company must first open all its doors to give the provider the necessary insight into the work processes. Then the first suggestions for the processes in the new ERP solution can be made. However, the customer often already has precise ideas about which processes he would like to have mapped or which he would like to take with him. This is the first point at which the actually helpful requirements specification becomes a time stopper.

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