ERP as a Mobile APP ? Pros & Cons
23 Sep

ERP as a mobile APP ? Pros & Cons

Everything, always, from everywhere ? the demand for possibilities to conduct daily business via so-called mobile devices is great. Likewise, the range of numerous ERP provider to use their system on smartphones, tablets etc. via a mobile APP. Especially in the area of Mobile applications (apps) the possibilities for use are promising from the user's point of view.

Per ERP mobile app:

Whoever has his Emails The same applies to business messages, which are also received via the smartphone. The flexibility of an ERP solution that can be used regardless of location via a mobile device is thus conceivable. A study for which 600 European business people were surveyed found that 90 % can work more productively on the road than in the office. Business trips are particularly popular for gathering information and business ideas.

flexibility therefore makes productive. A study by the Aberdeen Group even found that an operating profit increase of 17 % can be achieved through the use of mobile devices alone. By using the application possibilities, one should be able to Productivity in the long term and retain customers. Ergo: the Competitiveness of the company is growing.

Another advantage is that in some sectors it becomes possible to move the workplace to the ?Field service? or to the home office. Here, too, the focus is on the flexibility that the user gains. However, this can also save on any rent for office space or equipment. The mobile workplace also leads to shorter response times and thus to a faster process flow. This also ensures fast and mobile access to customer data. This also increases the Customer satisfaction.

And not only the company or the customers can benefit from a mobile ERP solution. Because in contrast to the more complicated User interfaces of the systems, the operating concept of ERP apps more adapted to the applications in private use. This makes mobile ERP more attractive to users because it is quick and easy to use.

Contra ERP app:

Apart from the many advantages that this mobility brings with it, it also has its disadvantages. Almost 40% of 3000 employed people surveyed can be reached by co-workers and superiors outside of working hours (study by the German Employees' Health Insurance Fund from 2012). This constant accessibility, which makes flexibility possible in the first place, increasingly blurs the boundaries between work and leisure. Often this has a mental illness, the Burn-out, as a result.

Particularly critical when using a mobile APP is the issue of Data protection.
Because by using additional hardware, it is easy to manipulate it, which in turn makes it easy to spy on data. In this way Maintenance or repair work a threat to data security. A device's internal memory is quickly read out and written to. For example, with an application that records further actions of the user. In addition, mobile devices often use third parties, which leads to additional security-related problems, such as the Installation of harmful programmes.

Conclusion on the Mobile APP

For companies, the possibility of a mobile ERP offers a lot of advantages. For users, too, a user-friendly application for mobile devices is attractive ? but limits have to be drawn. For example, some companies switch off their mail servers at night.
When it comes to data protection, caution is called for. However, no more and no less than usual when important data is made accessible via networks.

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