ERP for automotive suppliers
7 July

ERP for automotive suppliers

In order to maintain a secure overview between sales, production and delivery, the ERP of automotive suppliers must guarantee fast processes with high process reliability. To be able to guarantee this, the solution should first adapt to the automation standard of the industry. With EDI processes, delivery data are simply transferred directly between the ERP system of the automotive supplier and the customer's ERP.

Automotive suppliers need EDI

Already at the sale this function takes on a decisive role. The framework agreements on quantities and prices are first defined with the customer. For this purpose, the customer constantly sends call-offs, which can be manually or automatically sent via ERP. EDI are recorded. In addition, the ERP compares the delivery quantities with the data of the customers or creates commission settlements.

Flexible production control

In the production the ERP for automotive suppliers is under great demand. The system must react quickly and flexibly to incidents such as missing material or rush orders. In addition, when scheduling production orders, the ERP must reconcile parameters that are actually contradictory. The system also enables the automotive supplier to make important decisions, such as whether it is better to manufacture a product in-house or to use external labour. On top of that, it should have flexible production control in order to be able to respond to rush orders, for example. The right ERP system provides access to the Batch numbers always guaranteed.

Secure logistics

In the delivery the automotive ERP must first recognise whether the goods are to be stored, sent to production or to the customer. A suitable ERP can also take care of picking for production and shipping. Just like the labelling of the goods with e.g. barcode-labels. Often, customers also specify precisely in which Packaging the goods are to be delivered. The system can generate this and also manages the cycle of reusable load carriers. The delivery is also integrated into the EDI processes. One can thus, among other things, use the electronic delivery note be sent directly from the ERP.

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