Companies use ERP ? software to control all of their resources. The abbreviation ERP actually stands for ?Enterprise resource Planning?. The resources that are to be planned and controlled mean the capital, all goods and employees. What an ERP software has to do for this task is the integration of all systems, company processes, all supplier and customer relationships. However, this not only requires the appropriate software, but also ERP know-how.

Demands on a modern ERP system

The demand on a modern ERP system is not only the integration of all company data, but also to make them available to all participants without barriers in a permissible way, tailored to the individual needs of each user. The data should not only be able to provide information about the past and the current status of the company. Properly networked data in an ERP system can also provide important conclusions about the future.

What should be achieved by using an ERP system?

The use of ERP software should offer a whole range of advantages and improvements for your company:

  • Be able to react faster and more flexibly to events in the company
  • Recognize and control movements and developments in your market
  • Networking with your customers and suppliers
  • Optimize your stock levels and flows of goods
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Increasing the efficiency of your business processes
  • Discovery and promotion of potential in your employees and partners
  • Networking your locations and promoting internationalization

Where are the risks when introducing an ERP system?

However, the introduction of an ERP system also involves risks that must be aware of before you start your ERP project.

  • Difficult to estimate costs, which often turn out to be much higher than calculated
  • Busy and demanding internal resources implementation projects
  • Integration is bought with high complexity
  • Employees reject the new system

The important role of the ERP partner

In order to realize all the promised benefits and to be able to keep an eye on the risks, most companies need advisory support. Choosing an ERP system is almost always about choosing one ERP Partners. The partner for your ERP project not only needs to have in-depth knowledge of the software. An ERP partner must understand you and your industry and speak your language. This is no small challenge. At the same time, an approach based on the motto "we've always done it this way" helps. no further in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Default? Yes! – egalitarianism? No!

With all the efforts of the ERP manufacturers to standardize their software packages, it is especially important for medium-sized companies to find their special characteristics in the processes of the ERP software. This task requires an open dialogue and the exchange of many aspects and information. The challenge that your ERP project has to master is not how your company can be standardized in software. Rather, the task is to map your special company with software.

We would like to support you on this path to your ERP system.

With our ERP know-how

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