ERP Selection Part 1 - The Question of Why ? or Goals instead of Functions
12 apr

ERP selection part 1 - The question of why? or goals instead of functions

According to the latest Trovarit study, a medium-sized company spends 8-15 months selecting a new ERP software. The methods used for ERP selection often differ just like the respective software.

Must Have' and 'Nice to Have' in ERP selection

In the course of ERP history, which is now decades old, a number of principles have developed that inevitably belong in the 'toolbox' of ERP selection. However, it is perhaps time to take another look at one or the other paradigm and to check whether it corresponds to the state of development of today's software tools.

For an SME, there is often a specific problem or a triggering moment that leads to looking for a new ERP Software to see. However, with the introduction of the new Business software then optimise all processes as far as possible. In the subsequent creation of specifications, the original goals often fade more and more into the background. Must-haves' and 'nice-to-haves' then stand side by side on an equal footing.

Overloaded specifications

From the Specifications The result is a catalogue of requirements that is often overloaded and tends to stand in the way of comparability between systems. It should come as no surprise to either of them that many ERP providers see a requirements specification only as an entry hurdle that needs to be overcome in order to start serious discussions afterwards.

On the other hand, when such 'catalogues of duties' are seriously discussed, a lot of time and effort is spent on testing features and processes that are then hardly relevant in 'real life' because the monetary advantage falls by the wayside due to a lack of frequency or savings potential in automation.

The goals are more important

Perhaps it would sometimes be smarter to offer the providers a Specifications talk about the goals. The real goals that are being pursued with the introduction of a new ERP software. This helps the consulting company to understand what the problem is and whether and how it can help. At the same time, the searching entrepreneur is not deprived of the chance to get to know new approaches without blinkers. But above all, the focus remains on the goal, not on features and technology.

In any case, all those involved in the process should always aim for a ERP introduction deal with. Otherwise it can happen that everyone only talks about ERP functions and ultimately the providers determine the discussion.

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