ERP Specifically for Service Companies.
16 June

ERP Especially for service companies

Although the ERP systems for manufacturing companies are partly similar to those of service companies, they are completely different on second glance.


Many things are different in service companies

Some services can be standardised and thus summarised as a "product" (e.g. advisory services). However, most processes are much more complex and are handled and billed differently, especially with clients.ERP service provider

The planning and realisation of IT implementations, for example, must be much more flexible than is often necessary for planning production and trade. The simple sequence from order to service to billing cannot be applied in the service industry.

The ERP software for service providers must be able to respond flexibly to individual process steps in order to function. In order for today's service providers to survive in the battle for competitiveness, they must pay attention to the profitability of their projects. In order to make this possible, it is necessary to integrate the individual applications such as CRMExcel, project management or accounting in order to obtain the necessary overview.

The advantage of integration

Only such a completely integrated ERP solution also gives a service company the possibility to manage resources accordingly and to adapt the process strategy. This constant access to projects helps service providers to respond flexibly to changes thanks to up-to-date and correct data.

For the service companies, the opportunity arises thanks to the right ERP solution not only to react quickly and efficiently, but that each of these services also becomes profitable in the end.

MariProject on the basis of SAP Business One

You can find out how the fully integrated solution for service providers can support you in the sale of complex projects at our Product page. We would be happy to demonstrate the system to you. Please contact us for this Contact on.

Service recording in service companies

Service is provided by people. The entire value creation arises from the work of these people, who should record this work quickly and efficiently, document it and forward it for calculation. An ERP for service providers must provide suitable tools for this purpose. Nowadays, it is a matter of course that the recording of services, travel costs and expenses etc. is done via mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

There are now several extensions to SAP Business One on the market that transform SAP Business One into an ERP specialised for service companies.

The most complete approach is probably MariProject (formerly ProjectsManagement for SAP Business One). Here everything is fully integrated and fanned out into many individual functions.


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