ERP systems at a standstill? Is the courage to innovate missing?
6 october

ERP systems at a standstill? Is the courage to innovate missing?

We don't like to face new things. That it is nevertheless sometimes necessary, we have already seen in this contribution clarified. However, many companies still do not have the courage to innovate. This is also shown by the study "ERP systems in the age of digitalisation" in which companies were surveyed at the IT&Business trade fair.

The reason for the lack of innovation motivation to modernise ERP systems is primarily the fear of too high investments (79%). Another 33% of the companies state that they have no need and 15% are even of the opinion that their software already meets the current market requirements. 1% are convinced that there is currently no suitable solution for them and 12% would like to wait and see what the digitalisation trend will bring. Well then.

In the study it is noticeable that in addition to the appropriate reasons for a lack of desire for innovations in the area of ERP software, at the same time quite high demands are made on the systems. 61% of the German entrepreneurs would like the software to be more adaptable. 92% of the respondents even see the systems as being obliged to automate and simplify processes without major difficulties.

Perhaps the critics should look at SAP Business One ?

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