ERP&CRM - Part 3: Possibilities of integration.
27 Aug

ERP&CRM - Part 3: Possibilities of integration

There is no way around the integration of CRM and ERP. Why integration is necessary  we dealt with in the first part of this series. In the second part we went into the necessary business processes. Whether all-in, only all systems or two software solutions from different providers ? many things are possible with CRM-ERP integration.

All-In Solution : The ready-made CRM-ERP integration

The most convenient solution is probably the already integrated systems, in which both ERP and CRM are in one. As one software, this solution banishes all problems, such as the data exchange when two separate systems work together. SAP Business One, for example, is a ERP systemin which the CRM is fully integrated.

Everything from one house: CRM-ERP integration in one language

Using different products from one manufacturer also makes the integration of ERP and CRM easier. Time-consuming adjustments of work processes and data objects are omitted and the two different solutions can still be used across systems. The cooperation of the systems is not disturbed by updates or bug fixes, because the manufacturer is and remains responsible for its products and their cooperation.
An example of such partner systems from the same house is SAP, where sales staff can choose, for example, to enter quotations and orders in the ERP or CRM system. Also Microsoft has an ERP and a CRM solution. For the exchange of data between the two systems, the Scribe interface can be used simply as a standard.

Solutions from different providers

Despite the advantages described, many companies obtain their CRM and ERP systems from different manufacturers. They do not want to deal with one integration from one and the same house dependent on the respective provider. The integration is carried out in the own company and tailored to the own company.
If the software has system-independent techniques, the CRM-ERP integration of software from different manufacturers is no problem. Newer software also already has standardised Connectors from ERP to CRM systems.

Normally, CRM systems have just as interfaceswhich connect them to ERP systems or their master data. Various functions can be called up via the interfaces, which the two systems call up outside of the actual applications. These interfaces do not work on the data layer, but on the business layer. They are usually accessible via web services and also help to validate data entries.

When implementing interfaces, it must be taken into account that an update can further develop one of the systems. In order not to have to adapt the interface after each update, it is advisable to use an interface that is supported by the software manufacturer. This means that the manufacturer must ensure compatibility via the updates guaranteed beyond.
Furthermore, standard interfaces always come with predefined functional options, which reduces the implementation effort. But the ERP solutions often deviate from this standard. In addition, the functions required for the interfaces are sometimes special. Therefore, there is often no way around a manual (costly) adaptation.


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