All automatic: ERP for Industry 4.0
29 apr

Everything automatic: ERP for Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution. This sounds dramatic at first, but it mainly refers to the changes in processes in the manufacturing industry. In "Industry 4.0", machines, parts and materials in factories are controlled by self-planning systems. This also poses a new challenge for ERP systems. Especially the constant flow of information along the supply chains and their automation are essential components of "Industry 4.0" for ERP solutions.


Manage information flow

In the new value chains, "Just-in-time, as well as "Just-in-sequence" productions play a greater role. As a result, supply chains are also more interconnected than ever. The resulting flow of information is huge. An ERP system is now required to provide corresponding multi- and inter-site functions, through which work processes can be controlled across the various locations of the company. This makes it possible, for example, to plan across these sites, which guarantees a constant flow of materials.

Enable message and data exchange

To ensure this flow of information in the closely linked supply chains, the ERP systems must be able to quickly integrate new partners and message transfer options. The ERP solutions must therefore have open and easily adaptable interfaces for electronic data exchange (EDI). Smaller partners who do not have a corresponding EDI should be connected to the ERP system through corresponding B2B platforms.
The extent to which an ERP system fulfils the necessary requirements is, of course, often dependent on the technological development as of.

Support self-control

Through the improved flow of information within and outside of production, it is possible to automate it significantly. Instead of planning by the production management, the production units are then only controlled by external impulses. Manual intervention then only plays a role in monitoring. The ERP systems must work with the corresponding methods that have already integrated this self-control (e.g. Kanban).


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