Quickly capture purchase invoices in SAP Business One.
27 June

Quickly enter incoming invoices in SAP Business One

the Versino Financial Suite redefines incoming invoice processing in SAP Business One. The result is a simplified, accelerated and more secure processing of incoming invoices in SAP Business One, suitable for both recurring and special posting scenarios.

The Versino Financial Suite is getting a function in a new version that has been specially developed to optimise the search and creation of business transactions in SAP Business One. The fast entry of incoming invoices in SAP Business One increases efficiency and security.

Incoming invoices in SAP Business One according to template

With only a few basic data of an incoming invoice, this function searches for a similar business transaction. This is then offered as a template for the new document. The software takes into account both strong similarities and certain characteristics that indicate that the historical document can be used as a suitable template. An overview displays the hits, which selects which document is suitable for the new system document on the basis of a ranking. As soon as the user selects a document, the software creates a new system document based on the selected template. Articles, conditions, control keys and the corresponding ledger accounts of accounting are automatically collected and posted. This simplifies and speeds up the process considerably.

Post incoming invoices without accounting knowledge

This efficient process does not require any deep knowledge of SAP Business One or financial accounting. Therefore, processing incoming invoices in SAP Business One is no longer a time-consuming and complex task, but is carried out quickly, efficiently and correctly.
For example, the function quickly recognises recurring invoices for maintenance services or subscriptions and provides the corresponding template. Special posting scenarios that require special posting also become securely and quickly implementable. This further increases the efficiency and security of the entire incoming invoice processing.

Enter incoming invoices across clients

Another significant advantage of this function is the possibility to book across clients. This means that users no longer have to log into the system several times to jump from client to client. Instead, they can work concentrated on one processing screen, which leads to more efficiency, speed and security.

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