Forum for Digital Transformation in Augsburg - Register Now
8 may

Digital Transformation Forum in Augsburg - Register Now

From the third time, one can almost speak of tradition: On 27 June, the 3rd Forum for Digital Transformation will take place in Augsburg. Versino is one of the inviting companies. You can now register at various places.

At the 3rd Digital Transformation Forum, entrepreneurs will give practical presentations on how to approach the topic of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in a systematic and targeted manner. Find out where and how the latest methods and technologies can be used along the value chain ? starting with the first customer contact, the development of the customer relationship, market-oriented products and solutions, the implementation in manufacturing and logistics, and ending with convincing arguments for the customer to buy again.

From now on you can register here.



Webinar: Digitization of incoming documents in SAP Business One

Automatically capture and post receipts with CKS.ADC Paper-based processes cause long processing times and are prone to errors, resulting in high costs for companies. You ...
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Logistics on the way to digitization

A warehouse controlled and managed by artificial intelligence. Autonomous vehicles that guide us through this system. Smart glasses that keep track of ...
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digital transformation

Closer to digitization with Versino Projects and Wogra

The Digital Transformation Forum was successfully held for the third time on June 27, 2017 by Versino Projects and Wogra Consulting in ...
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digital transformation

Use digitalisation: Focused. Intelligent. Analytical. "3rd Digital Transformation Forum" on 27.06.17 in Augsburg

The update for the Digital Agenda: At this year's "Digital Transformation Forum", experts from Versino Projects and WOGRA will shed light on ...
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ERP_Digitisation_Medium-sized Businesses

German SMEs focus on digitisation - "step-by-step" and in the long term

Digitalisation seems to have slowly arrived in small and medium-sized companies as well - at least that's what a ...
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Ready for digitisation? Self-check now with SAP

Technology vs. humans. Robotics in the workplace. Industry 4.0. Digitisation at every turn. As an entrepreneur, managing director or simply ...
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Digitisation_Middle class

Are German SMEs missing out on digitalisation?

Digitalisation has become the all-encompassing buzzword that describes the transformation of our society in relation to information technology.
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SAP Business One Partner - the right one is important

SAP Business One Partner – the right one is important

As a SAP Business One Partner with over 20 years of experience in the successful deployment and care and maintenance of SAP...
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Other SAP Clouds

The other SAP cloud

Everyone who is interested in the current ERP market knows that there is no way around offers from the data cloud...
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return rate

Return rates – on the trail of returns

Returns are increasingly burdening online trade. A key figure that is often used in a business context is the return rate. Returns are ordered goods that ...
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procedural documentation

No GoBD without process documentation

All companies today have to observe the GoBD-compliant storage of certain documents. Proper archiving alone is not enough. In ...
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ERP upgrade

ERP upgrade – at some point it will be time

Inconvenient but true, an ERP upgrade is almost inevitable after a period of running the business software. There is a renewal...
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dms home office

Digital document management in the home office

Working from home is becoming the norm for many employees in medium-sized companies due to the ongoing corona pandemic. With all the flexibility of ...
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Accounting for startups

Accounting for startups

At the beginning there is the outstanding idea and/or the unique selling proposition that promises big profits. After founding the start-up, there is ...
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Coding or customizing: Correctly adapting ERP software

There are two methods for customizing the processes of an ERP. Customizing is the method that the system, within the possibilities ...
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SAP Business One 2021

SAP Business One 2021

Almost like the Chancellor's New Year's speech, a video on the SAP products for medium-sized companies will be released at the end of the year...
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