Free Ebook on MS Power Bi
23 apr

Free MS Power Bi Ebook

Microsoft Power Bi is a business intelligence tool that can be used to dock different data sources. The Bi tool can analyse the data alone or in combination and transform it into interactive diagrams. If necessary, the BI tool can handle mass data, i.e. even millions of data records. Recently, a free e-book on Ms Power Bi provides deeper insights.


This free eBook introduces the basics of Microsoft Power BI through a practical, scenario-based introduction to the tool. It also shows how to create analytical solutions with Power BI.

Broad approach for many readers

Power Bi EbookThe MS Power Bi ebook is aimed at completely different readers. Of course, it is quite suitable for users who are completely new to the BI world. For these readers, the book is a simple introduction to the concepts on which BI is largely based. At the same time, the book is aimed at IT professionals and database administrators who may need to drive the adoption of Power BI. If that is more or less the case, this book serves both as a simple introduction to the basic concepts to understand why users are interested in Power BI. On the other hand, it also provides an overview of the functions available in Power BI. At the same time, Power BI is not just a tool: It is undoubtedly an ecosystem that can integrate existing enterprise BI with self-service BI. Accordingly, the last chapter of the book gives an overview of these capabilities.

For readers of the English-language Ebook on MS Power Bi, databases and workbooks are also available for download. These can be used to simulate case studies.

These different download options for the MS Power Bi ebook are available:



Features of Power BI:


  • Very intuitive operation
  • The accesses for the report recipients are in the cloud without the data necessarily ultimately being in the cloud.
  • Very good integration into the Microsoft world throughout
  • Simple and flexible licensing via subscription
  • Secure data transmission : Ultimately only results not basic data
  • Local data can be imported if required
  • Access and interaction with data warehouses
  • MS SQL Server Analysis Services can be used seamlessly
  • Access to SAP Business One with Versino Integration

Versino Power Bi Addon

With the Versino Power Bi AddOn data from SAP Business One can now also be accessed conveniently. With so-called datasets, Versino Power Bi Integration provides typical compilations of data relationships. These are then available in the Microsoft tool for quick processing.


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