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Learn with SAP for free

In response to the Corona crisis, SAP has developed a further help announced in the form of an educational programme. The online learning content is open to all interested parties.
The doors to the Open-SAP platform were opened wide.


Massive open online courses for all

Some of the online courses are offers for students and pupils, the so-called massive open online courses (MOOCs). The courses can be found on the openSAP.com platform. The only requirement is that the user is older than 16. SAP wants to support further education during the Covid 19 pandemic.

New trends and technologies

The content of the SAP online courses covers a wide range of digitalisation content. This includes topics such as Java programming and robotic process automation as well as data science and sustainability.
The offers can be consumed with all devices and platforms.

Special offer for students

Students at the 3,800 member universities of the SAP University Alliances programme have access to so-called Learning Journeys for the next 90 days, which are designed to support them in starting an SAP career. Free of charge and multilingual, the hours can prepare for certification. Taking an exam is also free of charge.

Courses for pupils

SAP Young Thinkers programme is aimed at school students. Here, the future potentials can engage with content from the 'STEAM' areas (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). A world of technology, creative methods and the future is thus opened up to interested young people.

Registration with Open-SAP

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Learn with SAP for free

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