Another mobile solution: i-deal for SAP Business One.
12 March

Another mobile solution: i-deal for SAP Business One

Mobile applications for SAP Business One are getting another addition with i-deal.

As a marketing manager of an ERP manufacturer recently said: "The mobile issue is over!
And he was right. Mobility has had its day as an attention-getting feature. It has become normal to find apps for all situations in life in abundance. The useful areas of application for mobile apps are well known and almost every ERP - and CRM- manufacturer has a mobile solution in its portfolio.

ideal- SAP Business One

Perhaps a certain disillusionment has even set in, as it has been recognised that not all applications and functions are necessarily improved by multitouch gestures on pads.

As with all hype, however, this fading of the high phase also has an advantage. The field becomes free for smaller and often also cheaper providers who are less oriented towards "colourful conspicuousness" and more towards strict utility.

Such an "unexciting" application is also likely to be the mobile platform i-deal  of the company Nexti GmbH from Karlsruhe. Mobile order entry, customersDatabase  and product catalogue are made available for the iPad.

Furthermore, Google Maps has also been integrated, where customers' locations can be displayed and routes can be planned.

Customer history, turnover development, sales trends can be viewed via the CRM functionalities. Customer orders can also be entered and signed.

Everything you would expect from a mobile application of this kind.

Oh yes: There is (of course) an interface to SAP Business One ?

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