11 Jan

Activation (SAP Business One)

Capitalisation relates to the process of documenting procurement and Production costs as Capital assetswhich is amortised over several accounting periods. At the same time, it is not seen as an expense that is compared to revenue within an accounting period. When an asset is taken up, it is immediately capitalised in SAP Business One.




Integrated ERP approach or special software for financial management?

Whether an integrated ERP approach or special software for financial management is better for a company can no longer be said with certainty these days.
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Asset accounting_software

Asset accounting software: What does the company need?

Every year, the balance sheet reminds us that there is more to the accounting process than just current assets. Because companies are also ...
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Many new functions in SAP Business One 9.0

We still have to wait a little. According to the latest plans of SAP, version 9.0 of SAP Business One ...
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