8 Sep

BI (Business Intelligence)

Business Intelligence stands for procedures as well as the processes for the systematic analysis of electronic data. In this way, operative and strategic decisions regarding the company's goals are to be made on the basis of the analysis. In this way, business processes, customer and supplier relationships are to be made more profitable, costs reduced, risks minimised and the added value of the company increased.

BI comes up in this blog.


SAP Business One Reporting

SAP Business One – Reporting

All sorts of requirements for SAP Business One - Reporting are what a user needs to do after the introduction of SAP B1...
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MariProject Dashboards

Dashboard functions in MARIProject

SAP Business One has had distinctive functionalities for creating dashboards since version 9 at the latest. But also MARIProject, integrated project software ...
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More key figures transparency in the ERP system

Many companies hope that the introduction of ERP software will bring more transparency to their key figures. However, it only becomes clearer...
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Data Lake vs Warehouse

Data warehouse or data lake

Data lakes and data warehouses are buzzwords one hears when it comes to data retention in the context of big data...
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Data analysis with Microsoft Power BI

Data analysis with Microsoft Power BI

The amount and complexity of data is constantly increasing, even in medium-sized companies. In order to draw the right conclusions from this data...
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Big Data – Relevant for SMEs?

Big data is not relevant for small and medium-sized companies. Such an assessment can often be heard and read ...
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