8 Sep

cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to an IT landscape (e.g. data centre, data storage, software such as ERP or CRM) that can be rented. The applications and data are neither operated by the user himself, nor provided to him, nor are they located on local computers or in the company data centre. Instead, they are accessible via the internet.

The basic idea behind cloud computing is to transform classic products into web services. Cloud computing is not a fixed product term, but encompasses different computing aspects, such as network infrastructure, software and data storage. All these products are offered as a service, where in the end you only pay for what you actually use. The user's data is stored externally and is accessible via the internet. The service provider manages all of the user's infrastructure and/or software so that the user has time to fully concentrate on their core tasks and processes. Many providers store the data in different data centres that are geographically separated and located in different places. This way, in the event of power outages or natural disasters, users can access their data in the cloud via another data centre.

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Other SAP Clouds

The other SAP cloud

Everyone who is interested in the current ERP market knows that there is no way around offers from the data cloud...
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Bydesign S/4Hana

SAP Business ByDesign vs SAP S/4HANA Cloud

After years of development, SAP Business ByDesign has reached a high level of maturity in the SaaS ERP area for medium-sized companies. SAP Business ByDesign seems ...
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SAP Business One Cloud Migration

SAP Business One Cloud Migration Costs

When considering the cost of a SAP Business One Cloud migration, you have to go into detail to get a realistic view...
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Data secure in the cloud

Data secure in the cloud

In-house means more security. This is the misconception that many companies depend on. It is overlooked that this budget mentality for software ...
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cloud control

New: SAP Business One Cloud Control Center video

Cloud computing should make life easier for your users. This also applies to the cloud version of SAP Business ...
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cloud takes off

Bitkom study: Companies see their data in the cloud as safe

Even if Drive and Co are used more and more for data exchange, it is not yet the case in most people's minds...
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