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Concurrent user license model

The concurrent user licensing model is a form of licensing that defines the maximum number of users who may access the software application at the same time.

Concurrent user licence model occurs on this blog.



SAP Business One Reporting

SAP Business One – Reporting

All sorts of requirements for SAP Business One - Reporting are what a user needs to do after the introduction of SAP B1...
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SAP Business One Authorizations

Permissions in SAP Business One

The definition and assignment of roles and authorizations is an important core of professional ERP systems such as SAP Business One. With ...
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SAP Business One Cloud Migration

SAP Business One Cloud Migration Costs

When considering the cost of a SAP Business One Cloud migration, you have to go into detail to get a realistic view...
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With MariProject for integrated project calculation

With MariProject for integrated project calculation

The project calculation for customer offers is often a big challenge for the sales department of a company. This applies across all ?project-driven? ...
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MariProject 6.5

New MariProject version 6.5

The new version MariProject 6.5 is now available. MariProject has again received some improvements and extensions. There are functions...
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SAP Business One ideal for startups

Due to its conception, distribution, internationality and the SAP brand, SAP Business One is the SAP software that everyone ...
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All-rounder in service: the service desk

All-rounder in service: the service desk

People are different. Customers also have different needs as to how and when they want to get in touch with your IT service providers...
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sap business one 2018

SAP Business One 2018 – A preview

SAP Business One 2018 is not just a headline, but also the short form of a promise of many innovations and features...
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License model comparison

What is the better ERP license model

While it has long been a trend in everyday use to "subscribe" to software (see Spotify and Co.) and also to Adobe and ...
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“Return of Invest” – What is an ERP system worth?

?What can an ERP system like SAP Business One cost? ? We keep asking this question...
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