9 March

Table OINV (SAP Business One)

The information about the company's invoices can be found in the OINV table in SAP Business One. A single Invoicesent to a client is reflected by the content of each row in the table.

The OINV table stores a variety of information, including the ID of the invoice, the invoice date, the invoice amount and the customer or supplier name associated with the invoice. Otherwise, other information such as the invoice currency, the associated business code, the invoice status and comments can be included. All this information can be entered at the same time.

There is a close link between the OINV table and a number of other modules in SAP Business One, including the Sales Order module and the Payment module. This simplifies the management of the accounts receivable and accounting, as each invoice can be linked to a single order or payment. Among others, the following fields are included in the OINV table in SAP Business One:

  • DocEntry: This field contains the unique ID number of the invoice.
  • DocNum: The number of the invoice documentation is stored here.
  • DocType: This field defines the type of invoice (e.g. sales invoice, credit note).
  • CardCode: The code of the customer to whom the invoice was issued is stored here.
  • DocDate: This field stores the date of the invoice.
  • DocTotal: The total amount of the invoice is saved here.
  • DocCur: This field indicates the currency in which the invoice was created.
  • NumAtCard: An external reference number for the invoice can be saved here.
  • PaymentGroupCode: This field defines whether the invoice belongs to a specific payment group.
  • DocStatus: Here the status of the invoice is defined (e.g. opened, paid, cancelled).



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