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Accrual type (SAP B1)

A number of conditions that are used to illustrate the differences between cost accounting and financial accounting can be used.

An accrual type in SAP Business One is a method of defining how financial transactions are accrued in the balance sheet. Accrual types are used to determine when a transaction is included in the balance sheet included, depending on whether it was carried out in the current financial year or in a future financial year.

There are several types of accrual types in SAP Business One, including:

  • "Split by time": With this type of accrual, transactions that are carried out over several fiscal years are distributed proportionately to the fiscal years concerned.
  • "Early accrual": In this accrual type, transactions are accounted for in the fiscal year They are accrued in the period in which they are carried out, even if they affect future periods.
  • "Late deferral": This type of deferral defers transactions in the fiscal year in which they affect, even if they were carried out in an earlier fiscal year.

Choosing the right accrual type depends on the type of transaction and the fiscal year period. In SAP Business One, the accrual type can be defined for each financial transaction.




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