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Administration (SAP B1)

The Administration module in SAP Business One is a collection of tools and functions that allow you to manage and maintain your SAP Business One system and do the following, among other things:

  • Set up and manage user accounts and rights: New user accounts can be set up in the administration and specific rights can be assigned to each user, such as the ability to access certain modules or perform certain tasks within the system. You can also manage existing user accounts, including changing passwords and deactivating accounts as needed, and set default rights for new users.
  • SAP Business One can be configured in the administration to meet the requirements of the company by Business partner adds, e.g. customers, Delivery and employees. A list of things the company sells or buys can also be created and managed, and tax codes can be assigned to transactions.
  • Database performance management and monitoring: Database performance can be monitored and optimised as needed to ensure efficient operation. In addition, maintenance work can be carried out on the database, such as rebuilding indices and removing obsolete data.
  • You can back up and restore the database via the administration in SAP Business One to avoid data loss in the event of a system failure or other malfunction. If necessary, the database can also be restored from a previous backup.
  • Password policies can be used to ensure that user credentials are secure and reliable. The monitoring of the User activities and the tracking of system changes can also be activated.
  • Monitoring and managing system usage and performance: It is possible to monitor system usage and performance to identify possible errors or bottlenecks. It is also possible to monitor the performance of individual users and highlight areas where additional training is required.
  • Reports can be made on many aspects of system use and performance via the administration are created, e.g. on database size, user activity and system performance. These reports help to understand the use of the system and identify any errors.



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