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Article (SAP BusinessOne)

A material, item or product that is the subject of business transactions.
Items can be traded, used in production, produced or consumed. Items can be parent items, child items or component items. Items are a type of master data in SAP Business One.

Each item has a specific code and description and can be linked to various information such as price, units of measurement and stock levels. Items are stored in the SAP Business One item master data, which serves as the single database for all information related to each item.

There are several types of items in SAP Business One, including:

  • Items in an inventory are physical products that a company stocks and sells to customers. In SAP Business One, the stock levels can be tracked, which also ensures an efficient warehouse management for companies is made possible.
  • Service items are intangible products that a company offers to its customers, e.g. consulting or repair services.
    Non-stock items: These are things like freight charges or Value added taxeswhich are not recorded in the inventory.
  • Assemblies are items that are assembled from other items and offered for sale as a whole. Companies can manage their assembly production with SAP Business One and track the parts that belong to an assembly.
  • Phantom items: These are items that are used to represent the components of an assembly but do not exist as physical goods. Phantom items are used in conjunction with assemblies to help companies track the components of an assembly and their quantities.



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