11 July

big data

Big Data refers to mass data that is too large, too volatile or too unstructured to be analysed using conventional data processing methods. However, the evaluation of this data can bring completely new insights. They are used in risk assessment, for example.

The data are predominantly characterised by their volume, their complexity. Their rapidly changing nature and their generally weak structure are further characteristics. In German, experts usually also speak of mass data, although the definition is identical. In normal usage, the term Big Data is also used as a collective term for various digital technologies. From a social point of view, they cause a social upheaval. From a technical point of view, they create an era of new, digital possibilities for communication and data processing. The concept of Big Data is not static, but is subject to constant change. As a rule, the term is used for the technology that makes it possible to collect and evaluate this data.


Data Lake vs Warehouse

Data warehouse or data lake

Data lakes and data warehouses are buzzwords one hears when it comes to data retention in the context of big data...
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Big Data – Relevant for SMEs?

Big data is not relevant for small and medium-sized companies. Such an assessment can often be heard and read ...
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DATA Science

Data analysis for SMEs

A critical analysis "Data analysis for SMEs" or "Data Science" should actually be one of the top issues for medium-sized companies. For it ...
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Work 4.0: Faster, further, higher or deceleration?

Work 4.0: Faster, further, higher or deceleration?

The rapid automation of the working world has made many voices concerned and loud for deceleration. However, digital systems could still ...
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data analysis

Study on BIG DATA data analysis in companies by KPMG and Bitkom Research

A large Bitkom study on the subject of BIG DATA in the middle of the year delivered exciting results. Half a year ...
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Digitisation_Middle class

Are German SMEs missing out on digitalisation?

Digitalisation has become the all-encompassing buzzword by which to understand the transformation of our society in terms of information technology ...
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