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custom object (SAP Business One)

A data object in SAP Business One that contains a set of variables that the workflow service needs to perform business logic, such as calculate, compare, decide, and so on. User-defined data objects only exist in the current workflow process.

The concept of the 'User Defined Object' (UDO) in SAP Business One requires an in-depth look to understand how it works. Although all data is stored in a database with a table structure, the processes are divided into objects that represent a logical structure of the underlying data tables. The complexity varies depending on the object - for example, a simple object could be just a Table while a more complex object could consist of a large number of tables.

An object in SAP Business One consists not only of data tables, but also of predefined Functions, which are called services. These services, such as add, update, delete and search, make the object self-sufficient and allow it to work in SAP Business One without depending on other objects.

A custom object can inherit the behaviour of standard objects in SAP Business One and thus behave exactly like an existing object. It extends the functionality of SAP Business One by using the existing services.

Creating a custom object requires two steps. First, "User-defined tables" (UDTs) and "User-defined fields" (UDFs) are defined to provide the basis for the data store. This is often referred to as "metadata". The second step is to create the custom object itself by linking the metadata to the new object to be created and assigning its specific properties to the object. This can be done manually in SAP Business One itself or automated through programming. If the custom object is part of more complex programming - i.e. part of an add-on - the automated method is preferable. However, in this article we focus on the manual definition of custom objects.





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