8 Sep

customer retention

Customer loyalty means turning one-time customers into regular customers of a company. A regular customer, i.e. a customer who only uses a certain company, is necessary. Securing regular customers, revenue sources and costs/effort for new customer acquisition may lose priority.
In order to bind a customer to one's own company, customer satisfaction is an essential prerequisite. The more satisfied the customer is, the more likely he is to come back. By means of a professional CRM (Customer Relationship Management), customer loyalty can be increased even further. A CRM helps with techniques and strategies on how to bind customers more closely to the company. These are, for example, special incentives such as bonus programmes, rewards or customer cards, which are intended to bind the customer to the company. By analysing buying behaviour and conducting surveys, companies can gather valuable information that they can use to attract regular customers (campaign management). By means of CRM software, this information can be evaluated and used in a targeted manner.

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