7 Jan


Dashboards are used to present large amounts of data in a condensed and clear manner. The building blocks used can be diagrams, tables and key figures. The sources of these data can come from different applications and databases. The data displayed can often be changed selectively (in so-called dynamic dashboards) in order to observe the changes in the other data in the dashboard.

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MariProject Dashboards

Dashboard functions in MARIProject

SAP Business One has had distinctive functionalities for creating dashboards since version 9 at the latest. But also MARIProject, integrated project software ...
New book: SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for SAP Business One

New book: SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for SAP Business One

A new book on SAP Crystal Dashboard Design is now available. When a few years ago, the company Business Objects...

Pervasive Analytics Dashboards with SAP Business One

Richard Duffy has released a new series of videos about SAP Business One. The videos deal with...
MARIProject Update 7.3

MARIProject ? Version 7.3.000

The new major release 7.3.000 of MARIProject, an extension of "SAP Business One", is now available. This update offers numerous new ...
Current SAP tools for integration & data analysis

SAP Integration & Data Analytics Tools 2023

In the current digital landscape, data is indisputably considered the central element of every company. The correct handling of data analysis or ...
MARIProject Update 7.1

New Version MARIProject 7.1.000

MARIProject for SAP Business One has been released in a new version 7.1.000 and is available as an update. As always, there are ...
SAP Business One Reporting

SAP Business One – Reporting

All sorts of requirements for SAP Business One - Reporting are what a user needs to do after the introduction of SAP B1...
MARI Project Update 7.0

MARIProject – New Version 7.0

MARIProject for SAP Business One is now available in the new version 7.0. As always, a whole ...
SAP Business One textbook

Reference book: Business User Guide 2

A revised edition of the reference book "SAP Business One: Business User Guide" has been published. The textbook, published only in English, ...
MARI Project 6.8

New version MARIProject – version 6.8

A new major release of MARIProject has been on the market since today. In the new version 6.8 there are many ...