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A database is a system for electronic data management. It is designed to store large amounts of data efficiently, without errors and without redundancies and permanently. In addition, the database provides the data in the various forms of representation, accordingly for users and application programmes.

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In-Memory Databases / The SAP Future ?

One of SAP's co-founders seems to have a new hobbyhorse. Wherever Hasso Plattner appears in the media, a keyword soon comes up: in-memory computing ...
Budgets in SAP Business One

Budgets in SAP Business One

The budgets in SAP Business One make it possible to manage and monitor the expenses and income that arise from company expenditure. The aim ...
SAP Business One customising

Customise SAP Business One user interface (UI)

SAP Business One has made a significant leap towards customisability since version 9.1. Since then, it has allowed the ...
SAP Business One user authentication

SAP Business One: User Authentication

In an increasingly insecure world of business software, the issues of identity and authentication have become key elements. With a variety of ...
Current SAP tools for integration & data analysis

SAP Integration & Data Analytics Tools 2023

In the current digital landscape, data is indisputably considered the central element of every company. The correct handling of data analysis or ...
MARIProject Update 7.1

New Version MARIProject 7.1.000

MARIProject for SAP Business One has been released in a new version 7.1.000 and is available as an update. As always, there are ...
SAP Business One Reporting

SAP Business One – Reporting

All sorts of requirements for SAP Business One - Reporting are what a user needs to do after the introduction of SAP B1...

SAP BTP for SAP Business One

The SAP BTP is an environment that makes it possible to develop cloud solutions and as such also for SAP Business One ...
Other SAP Clouds

The other SAP cloud

Everyone who is interested in the current ERP market knows that there is no way around offers from the data cloud...
Security alarm for ERP systems

Security alarm for ERP systems

The Log4Shell crisis has raised awareness: companies have to take more and more care of ERP security. ERP Software...